Immigration & Customs


The e-Visa will be sent to you by e-mail once ready. Please be reminded to show the e-Visa and your passport to the Immigration Officer upon your arrival in Hong Kong. The Immigration Officer will give you a landing slip, showing the date of your entry into Hong Kong and your visa expiry date.

On the date of your assumption of duty, please bring the landing slip along with your travel document (which shows the number, the expiry date, your personal details and a valid visa) to your department. Your department will then send a certified true copy of the documents to the Human Resources Office for formal record.


You are required to declare to the Customs officers any prohibited/ controlled items and dutiable commodities exceeding duty-free quotas when you enter Hong Kong at any of the control points. Further details are available here.  If you are travelling to Hong Kong by plane, you should follow the airport security regulations of your home country. Some airlines and transit countries may have additional requirements on the carriage of restricted items. Please check with the relevant authorities for further details.

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