Airport Transportation

Free Wi-Fi services are readily available in Hong Kong. To stay connected and start planning for how to get around Hong Kong from the moment you arrive, you may connect to the free Wi-Fi at the Hong Kong International Airport. More details on local free Wi-Fi services can be found here.

You may also approach the Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Centre at the Airport or other locations for free Wi-Fi access and comprehensive guidebooks.

Airport Express

The fastest way to get to the city centre of Hong Kong from the airport is to take a 24-minute ride on the MTR’s high-speed Airport Express. Check out the ticket fare and train schedule here.


The taxi pick-up area is located in front of the airport’s Arrivals Hall. Fares are metered. The type of taxi you should take depends on your destination:

Red taxi: to Hong Kong Island or Kowloon

Green taxi: to the New Territories

Blue taxi: to Lantau Island


Over 20 Airbus “A” routes are available to take you from the airport to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Bus stops for Airbuses and city buses are located on the right of the Arrivals Hall exit.

Coach & Limousine Charter

You may book limousines, vans, minivans and coaches from service providers stationed in the Arrivals Hall.

Octopus Card

By getting an Octopus card, you can enjoy cash-free travelling within Hong Kong. A lot of retailers and restaurants accept payments by Octopus too. You are advised to purchase an on-loan Octopus card. Click here to learn more about how to top up your Octopus card.

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